Self extinguishing sleeve for high temperatures

Tube structure: fiberglass braided support covered with self-extinguishing silicone rubber for high temperatures.
Description: thanks to the vulcanization process and heat treatment, this sleeve has good dielectric properties, resistance at high temperatures, excellent elasticity and resistant at the cold. Provides protection up to 260 °C and resistant with the impact of objects with temperature of 1100 °C for a short time.

Main features

  • electrical insulation: > 10 Kv
  • operating temperature: from -60 C to + 260 °C (for a few minutes can tolerate peaks of +1100 ° C)
  • discrete mechanical strength
  • high flexibility – torsion - tension
  • excellent corrosion resistance (to the normal mineral oils and hydrocarbons)
  • does not propagate the flame
  • thermal protection

Application fields

  • steelworks
  • foundries
  • glass factories
  • dryers
  • work environments where cables have to be protected from high temperatures

Other info

  • Standard colour: red brick
  • Possibility of cut at the size requested