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About us

G8 Motori is a young company that, since 2008, the year of its establishment, has been selling in Italy, in Europe and internationally tubular motors for roller shutters and retractable sun screens, automation devices and weather sensors.

All of our motors come with a 5 year warranty and important technical certification (CETUV-GS-RHOS) that confirm the quality of our products.
The electronic devices are easy and intuitive to use and provide a large range of functions that give the user ample choice of programming while guaranteeing efficiency, functionality and precision.

Our experience in the electronics sector also allows us to produce our own fiberglass sleeves made to meet the current safety standards and to propose new solutions as regards electro-thermal insulation.

We sell our products for various applications in diverse industrial sectors, such as automotive, lighting, aerospace, navy, railways, construction of power distribution panels and household appliances.
The main materials we use are fiberglass, silicone, acrylic and polyurethane resins, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

In order to make sure we can reach our clients wherever they are and meet their requirements quickly, we have set up a widespread sales network throughout Italy.

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