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Expandable braided sleeve

Tube structure: Self-extinguishing, halogen-free, expandable braided sleeving in 0.22 mm polyester monofilament

Description: Thanks to the particular braiding and the degree of expansion, it is possible to cover a wide range of diameters


  • Flame retardant and halogen-free polyester
  • Operating temperature: from - 50°C to +150°C with peaks of 200 ° C
  • melting temperature: 250°C
  • resistance to abrasion, humidity, solvents and usual chemical atmospheres
  • UV and aging resistent
  • approvals IEC 60684-1 60684-3 (from page 340 to page 342)
  • self-extinguishing FMVSS 302
  • colors: black/grey standard, other colors or different diameters are available on request with MOQ
  • on request available self-extinguishing UL94 V0

Application fields:

  • Irons (cable bundle protection)
  • Electronic and telephone application
  • Electrical wiring in general (household appliances, electronics, etc.)
  • Automotive
  • Electrical panels
  • RoHS Compilance
  • Reach Compilance

Packing in reels on request:

  • minibox
  • medibox with dispenser.
Possibility to cut at the size requested (hot cutting to prevent fraying).

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